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The Chapman Woods Association is a very valuable organization for our neighborhood. It helps to pay for "The Call" Newsletter that we generate at least four times a year. It also helps support the creation of our Chapman Woods Directory and also supplements the wonderful parties we have.

Membership is not required, but you must be a member to receive your annual Chapman Woods Directory.

Our dues are nominal, and $30 pays for TWO years of membership. Our last billing was at the beginning of 2011. If you have already paid, you are full-fledged members through 2013. Our next membership drive will begin in January 2013. If you have not paid, please send us a $30.00 check made out to Chapman Woods Association, and mail it to:

Sharon Giannotta
3644 Lombardy Road
Pasadena, CA 91107

If you have any questions, call Sharon at (626) 577-4892, or send email to: membership@chapmanwoods.net.



Post Office Box 70524, Pasadena, CA 91117

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